Fort Collins Backyard Wedding

Finding a Northern Colorado wedding venue is probably the most difficult search a bride and groom can make for their wedding day. The search for a venue requires time, endless amounts of energy, and the venue can often dictate your wedding date based on availability and pricing. While many couples trudge through this search without enthusiasm, Megan and Chase knew they didn’t need to look. They decided that a larger venue just wasn’t their style, and opted for a Fort Collins backyard ceremony. The intimacy of a Fort Collins backyard wedding is hard to match, and for many brides and grooms, the location has a special significance.

Backyard weddings have a very different set of needs to ensure they go off without a hitch. Event rentals are often a must here, as most families don’t have the space, tables or chairs required to host a large event, let alone enough dinnerware. But multiple preparation rooms can be very helpful for larger bridal parties that may need the extra space to make sure everyone can get ready. Plus, it’s easier to not have to worry about bringing your dresses over a day early, or having to clean up and be out of an event space by a specific time. Backyard weddings have their allure, which is why many brides and grooms opt for this option.

The home Megan and Chase chose was next to one of Fort Collins’ many lakes, and has a beautiful brick facade with tall bushes surrounding the property. They walked down the aisle to a string quartet, and under some old trees, Megan and Chase pledged their lives to one another. Even from photos, the love between these two was evident, and the intimacy of their ceremony only added to the day.

RC Special Events provided the tents, dance floor, tables and chairs for their backyard ceremony, and turned a grassy lawn into a perfect wedding celebration area. The dance floor looked like it belonged there, and the tent was beautifully placed to provide maximum coverage while also ensuring the view of the lake was not compromised. Megan walked through the tent to get to the ceremony site, and the guests were comfortably shaded under it. Megan and Chase took their guests into account and made sure they were very comfortable for their ceremony and celebration.

After the ceremony, Megan and Chase chose food from iconic Jay’s Bistro as their Fort Collins caterer and paired it with cakes and cupcakes from Fiona’s Deli. The centerpieces were provided by Paul Wood Flowers, who used a mixed batch of flowers to bring pops of color to the centerpieces.

Megan and Chase took a quick break from their reception to take some photos at nearby Colorado State University. The Oval is the heart of the campus, and is ringed by trees as old as the University itself. The architecture of some of the original buildings to Colorado State University can add an old-school feel to many photos, and is perfect for taking pre- and post-ceremony photos.

If you’re thinking a backyard wedding is for you, be prepared to face different challenges as you will most likely need to rent much of your outdoor equipment. If you’re willing to stick with it, a backyard wedding will ensure your day is truly your own, and will create an unforgettable event for you and your guests!

| Flowers: Paul Wood Florist| Hair: Salon Tulane | Makeup: Terry Smith – MAC | Food: Jay’s Bistro | Cakes & Cupcakes: Fiona’s Deli | Event Rentals: RC Special Events | Bride’s Ring: Costco | Photographer: Mark Creery Photography |



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